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P2 to P6 @ Courses


通过有趣的故事以及情境模拟,学习课本所需要掌握的字词。以独特的方法加深汉字的理解与记忆:会认 + 会读 + 会写

Through interesting stories and scenarios, to learn the words/phrases on the textbook, using the unique method to deepens the understanding and memorization of Chinese characters:  recognizing + reading + writing


利用多媒体教学,学习日常生活的口语交际和口语表达,能够自信地说出标准的普通话 ,并能够流利地表达出录像内容。

Multimedia teaching, learning of oral communication and daily expressions, to speak the mandarin in correct pronunciation and express the contents confidently



Situational approach, accumulating of good words & sentences, learn to use different writing techniques to describe the scenes, master the writing skills, to complete the creative works



Using of iconic memory to improves the efficiency by 3-10 times compare to the traditional sound memory. Through the iconic memory, students is able to learn Chinese phrasing breezily and apply their learning on essay writing




Through watching videos / reading articles, students is able to explore new things & latest events, training their oral expression, improve reading comprehension and answering skills.

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